How Does it Work?

Counselling begins with talking about your problems and your life – for many of us our present struggles have their roots in the past.

An experienced counsellor will reflect back to you what is being said, in a way that in time helps you to see yourself and your problems from a new perspective.

The aim is to help you develop insight into your problems and the qualities that you are gaining from difficult experiences.

Exploring difficulties can help you to understand yourself – bringing insights, solutions and often changes.

At this point, uusally things begin to look different. Life begins to make more sense. You begin to feel more empowered.

While deep-rooted issues may need longer, short-term counselling – focusing on a specific problem – may take only a few weeks.

Much of my work focuses on helping clients become aware of their own inner resources, and reach an understanding of the qualities which current life circumstances are challenging them to develop.

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